An End of an Era: The Clock and the Confederacy

by Erica Plouffe Lazure July 11, 2015 The flags flew, Stars and Bars, in a sloppy parade of pickups thirty strong amid the stop and go rumble of Saturday traffic, past the Bojangles where we sat in an orange booth, eating second-rate chicken. For the past year, we’d held the fried chicken meal we’d eatenContinue reading “An End of an Era: The Clock and the Confederacy”


Fruits of my Labor Day Weekend!

While I was out in the quad with friends, belly full of Seacoast lobsters, teaching little girls hula-hoop tricks, and warding off my best friend’s dog from chasing down a skateboarder, the folks at American Short Fiction were working on “Marchers,” an insider’s view on the politics (and gossip) of high school marching bands andContinue reading “Fruits of my Labor Day Weekend!”

Daily Fright: Radio Nowhere 4/6/14

Eleanor Roosevelt recommends to “scare yourself at least once a day,” and tonight I heed her advice: I co-DJ my very first radio show, an hour-long tribute to Bruce Springsteen, on my school station. The station manager, a spry straight-talker and former student of mine, walks us through the digitized recorder, the “don’t touch thatContinue reading “Daily Fright: Radio Nowhere 4/6/14”